Website and Corporate Photographer Redlands

Corporate and website photographer Redlands


When in business it’s really important to make sure that you have professional looking images on your website and on your business cards. But, what if you are just starting out, what if you only have social media profiles like Facebook and LinkedIn? Then having professional corporate and website photos is a MUST, it’s the first impression you give people that matters….hopefully it’s in person but more often than not, they may have found you online. 

It’s important to look profession because people are going to spend all of about 6 seconds deciding whether they are going to do business with you or not. If you can’t afford to look professional and have your business represented by professional images then you instantly lose credibility in the eyes of your clients and customers. they start wondering….

Is it a professional establishment?

Are these guys good at their job?

It looks like a backyard home hair salon. counsellor, trademan….etc

lots of businesses go to so much effort making an amazing at home business then don’t showcase how professional it actually is….do yourself and your business a favour and have professional photos taken, showcase your unreal business online and get more clients through the door.

We get asked to do loads and loads of basic corporate shots in and around the Redlands and Bayside Brisbane, here’s why.

  1. Usually have your images back in 2-3 business days for groups
  2. Headshots have images back in 1 business day
  3. We come to your home or office
  4. You only pay for what you need
  5. All editing is done in-house and you can have your images cropped to a specific size for your website developer
  6. We are local and so are you
  7. Trusted by many big name companies – Bendigo Bank, Robins Accountants, Queensland Home Rentals, Raywhite, Re/Max etc

Corporate photography in the Redlands doesn’t need to be a pain, we have a studio in Cleveland that is open by appointment or we can save you the time and energy by coming out to your workplace. Don’t have enough light? we have a full mobile studio ready to be setup at a moments notice. If you need Website or corporate photos taken in a hurry give us a call on 0403 547 675 and we will try and get you in ASAP.