My world Vs The world | Cleveland Photographer

In my world I am still an excited little girl, fascinated by simplistic things. I still look at raindrops falling in puddles and are mesmerised by the ripples it creates, the way that buildings and skyscrapers create a whole new world and how little things might line up to make the most perfect patterns. Recently, I decided to go into Brisbane city for a bit of atmosphere and to location scout for an urban portrait session I had coming up.

I love walking through the city, listening to the sounds of hundreds of people walking, the brakes of buses and trucks hissing…all the little things that make up that city ambiance. As a photographer I see things differently to most people, I notice the way that light hits different surfaces and the way a shadows quality  changes if you turn just 45 degrees to the left. In my world I see beauty in things that people walk past everyday and don’t even notice, such as the way that old buildings look like fairytale castles and lined up hire bikes have such perfect lines, but more than all of that I notice people.

My World

People watching has always been a favorite past time of mine. It started when I was a little girl, we were waiting in the International airport for hours for a flight back to Australia, so my Dad created a game to keep us amused. The game was to watch people walking the long corridor to their departure gate but before they walked past you had to tell everyone what their story was. Where were they going? Who were they with? Did they go on a holiday and if so…where? As the hours ticked away you noticed the smallest of human gestures and the stories became more and more hilarious. Sharing the same sense of humor as my father the game quickly resulted in the two of us rolling around the floor laughing so hard, then Mum giving both of us a good telling off for being embarrassing.

So now, whenever I’m on my own…just being…I notice people, gestures, movements and wonder what their story is.

This young girl works as a waitress in a popular coffee shop in the city. Every morning a man comes in on his way to work and orders the same thing. The young girl is always pleasant to the gentleman but he never has time to stop and chat. After a few months a bouquet of flowers arrives for the girl at work and inside…a card…it reads ‘have breakfast with me’ and the gentleman’s number.

This is my world and it’s full of wonder, excitement and beauty.

While I was sitting enjoying my coffee and my secret game of ‘What’s the story’ I couldn’t help but notice that people can’t just ‘be’ anymore. People don’t go to cafe’s on the street and just sit and watch, in fact a lot of people aren’t even in ‘the world’ at all. As I sat quietly I quickly realized how my game was changing, everywhere I looked people were on their mobile phones. Now I am definitely one of those people that when I get bored at home and especially when I’m in bed I am constantly on my phone, but what I was witnessing was something completely different. People couldn’t cross a road without texting, they fully relied on the people around them and their movement to tell them when it was safe to cross. Mum’s pushing screaming babies whilst they walked and checked Facebook. Couples walking arm in arm with both their heads buried in their phones…are they texting each other? what could be more important than where they were right now? I noticed that its become such a habit that the moment people stop walking for even a brief second their hand reaches for that safety blanket. There is a whole world of beauty that people are missing out on.

The Real World


This is the world that most people live in, which made me think…what if next time you went for lunch with friends you didn’t take your phone? you could turn it into a game, get all of your friends to switch their phone to vibrate mode, place all mobile phones face down and on top of one another in the middle of the table. You can safely say that someone is going to get a call or a text in the time it takes to have a coffee so the first one to pick up their phone and check it pays the bill…could you do it?

As I glanced around the cafe I sat in, most people had friends to sit with and those that didn’t had cellular relationship company. Then I saw this young girl on her own, with her book on the table…not an e-reader or i-pad an actual book, a novel by chance I had just finished. She must have sensed my gaze because she was living in my world, she was happy just….being. She looked up and smiled at me, so I returned the kind gesture and smiled back. Then I did something very unexpected for the world today, I sat down and bought her a coffee. I asked her about the book and what chapter she was up to and she asked what I was photographing. I told her it started as a game of ‘What’s my story’ but has turned into a study on human behavior. Her reply… “what’s my story? I love that game”

So I know you have all been eagerly awaiting the story behind the girl with the flowers, so here it is. She is a flower delivery girl and is delivering them on behalf of a young man who’s girlfriend just lost a do I know?…because I bought her a coffee.