What do we wear to our session?

Ultimately, it’s up to you… but I do provide some hints on how to get the best results from your shoot in my Portrait Preparation page. Clothing can really make or break a family photo, it is absolutely paramount that you try to coordinate a group colour theme to get the best out of your portrait session. For young children, we ask for no shoes at all in the studio and preferably outside also unless it’s boots and tights which make up a complete look for girls.

When can we see our photos and where do we view them?

After the session, I process the best photos from your collection and place them in a secure online gallery and provide you with a password. You then have 2 weeks to share the gallery with your family and friends in the privacy of your own home, there is no need to come back into the studio. Orders can be placed online via PayPal through the built-in shopping cart available in your Client Gallery.

Do you have digital packages available?…What is capped pricing?

Good question, at Simply Me Photography we believe that all families should be able to afford beautiful family photos. Once you have chosen your photos from your online gallery, simply fill out the order form with your selection of individual photos. You also have the option to purchase your entire collection on USB with full print release. Full Res digital images are charged at $50 each however you can purchase your entire collection for a capped price of $500 if your gallery contains under 30 images, this means that after 10 images your subsequent images are FREE. 

Full print release means that you have the option to print/copy/reproduce as often as you wish. We also have a capped pricing for galleries consisting of over 30 images, for family groups and events. A Gallery containing over 30 images is capped at $800 which means you pay for your first 16 Images and everything else is yours FREE. This creates massive savings for families who want all their photos for photobooks later down the track or who want to split the cost across multiple families and copy a USB.

I don’t like smiling for photos. They look so fake.

I couldn’t agree more! Photos are so tied in with the “Say Cheese!” idea, that everyone cringes when they hear those words. Your photo session will be relaxed and a lot of fun…natural smiles will not be a problem. I even have a few tricks up my sleeve to get those laughs and giggles from the most determined of Father in laws…oh and littlies too. Feel free to read through my Testimonials page to hear what other clients have said about their experiences.

I LOVE your photos, but I’m not ready for a session just yet.

That’s ok. Please click the ‘Like’ button in the menu bar at the top of this page to stay up to date with special offers and promotions. You can also follow my blog to see sneak peeks of my latest sessions, the blog is updated regularly and I often include tips and tricks to get the most from your portrait or lifestyle session.

We’re just about to have a baby! Can we book a maternity or newborn shoot?

Absolutely! We love babies. I have some examples of my maternity and newborn photos in the Newborn Sessions page.

Newborn shoots are incredibly rewarding, BUT they are best done in the first two weeks of the babies birth. I’ve written a guide specifically for newborn portraits, to help you prepare and to get a feel for how the session will be run.