About Me

Here is a little about me and the journey into Simply Me Photography

I have always enjoyed photography as a hobby, but my real passion for it began a few years ago. I borrowed a friend’s digital SLR to take around Europe, to say that I came back hooked would be an understatement…. I was IN LOVE.

I studied, read and practised all different styles of photography, but it was lifestyle shots and portraits that really took my interest. Being a mother of two girls I think I can safely say that I have officially documented every little thing they have done over the last couple of years. Their never-ending willingness to be photographed has helped me greatly in becoming the photographer I am today.

Everyone loves family portraits, but I hear all too often that the staged, studio pictures taken didn’t reflect the true essence of their family. Children have their own unique smiles that often get traded in for the traditional “cheesy grin” you see in so many family portraits.

Being a lifestyle portrait photographer means capturing the true nature and personality of the people you’re photographing. Not always being restricted to a studio means that children and families are free to be themselves and interact with their natural surroundings… whether that be in a park, at their home, or a favourite picnic spot.

Although I do offer my clients an option of studio style portraits, it’s natural light photography that is my true passion. Natural light allows the photos to have a more authentic and organic feel to them. In both cases, editing and post processing is kept to a minimum so you can be sure that when you look at your photos, you will see that they are …simply you.

Below is me and my two girls, who have been the subjects for many a practice session…however this photo is the result of approximately 50 takes…we must be a family of blinkers when photographing yourself, lol.

Redlands Photographer

Redlands Photographer