September 2013

Magic Hour | Brisbane Photographer

You know those photos that just have a magic quality to them? There is just something about them that makes you…happy. Well, often that ‘magic’ feel is because of the quality of light used in the image. Most photographers will agree that there is one light in particular that is above and beyond all the rest, we call this light…

Golden hour.

It’s soft, warm and just flat-out magical. It adds a quality to images that can’t be replicated no matter how many studio lights and filters are used to diffuse it. You want to know what the best part is; it’s FREE and comes around everyday…twice! Soft light makes people look pretty and is flattering for portraits, harsh midday light does not.

In fact, golden light can become so soft that you can have your subjects facing straight into the sun, they won’t squint, they won’t look shiny, and they wont have dark shadows. Seriously, it’s like magic.

So what time of day does this magic hour happen? Quite simple really, it’s one hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset. Be careful though if it’s a relatively cloudy day this can cut 20 minutes or more off your hour as the sun dips below the horizon. So, next time you take your family out for that late afternoon stroll, take your camera and keep snapping away.

Golden Glow


Brisbane Botanic Gardens Photo Session | Brisbane Photographer

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the Khoo family at the Botanic Gardens Mt Cootha. It was a lovely warm morning full of energy and fun, just the way family sessions should be. I have a comfortable relaxed approach to my family sessions, I feel that children do much better when they are free to run around and expel that excess energy in between the more posed shots. Children have very little patience so breaking the session up into a posed…casual…posed…routine allows me to get a good variety of images.

I had given the family some ideas in regards to wardrobe before their session and they did a fabulous job of co-ordinating their outfits. I stress to my clients that it is not important to match but its imperative that the clothing is co-ordinated to a overall colour theme. Clothing is something that cannot be fixed afterwards and can really be the thing that makes or breaks your family photos. See my guide to Portrait Preparation for more information on co-ordinating your outfits.


Botanic Gardens Mt Cootha

Maternity Photos | Cleveland Photographer

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting this beautiful couple expecting their first baby. It is such a magical time in this young couples lives and I was proud to be asked to help create such a beautiful memory for them.

Maternity photos are one of those things that you look at and think…how lovely; I’m definitely going to get them done when I am pregnant. Then you turn 35 weeks, your uncomfortable, you don’t feel like your particularly glowing and lets face it, aint no one photographing these stretch marks!

Now…take a moment, have a cry and put the baby’s eviction notice away. This is one small moment and it doesn’t last a lifetime, it only lasts 9 short months. It is the first, last or possibly only time you will have a baby growing inside of you and it’s a wonderful moment to remember and look back on later.

There are many different styles to maternity sessions and I am happy to work with you to capture this moment any way you wish. Whether you want studio style, outdoor portraiture, all black and white or proudly displayed bungy jumping naked from story bridge…ill be there to capture it.

Remember ladies, your body isn’t ruined by stretch marks, you’re a tiger who earned her stripes…be proud x

Classic Portrait


Couple Maternity Session