For the love of Summer | Redlands Photographer | Brisbane Photographer

As an adopted Brisbaneite, I wasn’t born here, my decision to come here was determined by my partners career rather than a burning desire to live in the Sunshine State. I never for one second thought I would be one of those families who needed a separate laundry hamper to house multiple swim wear for each member of the family.  Hot summers, balmy nights and sand in the house thoroughly concerned me and why are boogie boards considered mandatory household items?  I mean how often do you really use them? The beach is a holiday destination… isn’t it?

Oh how our lives have changed!

We are approaching our 7th month here now and it is fast becoming home for a host of reasons. Some big, some small but right now…I wouldn’t live anywhere else. Humidity takes a lot of getting used to but the trade off is nine months of glorious weather and being able to eat outside all year round. I love waking up to the smell of salty air in the morning and going to sleep at night to the sound of geckos and storms. The kids have discovered the magic of being able to climb trees hundreds of years old and the delight of going swimming in the bay straight after school.

There is always somewhere to go or something to see, living in a city of 4million people means a more diverse range of activities and events to choose from.  Things I enjoyed as a child I will now be able to share with my own children outings such as the roller-skating rink or the drive in movies…which is on the agenda for next week.

We have been very grateful for the experience to move here and discover a whole new city; Australia is such a beautiful place. If you have the opportunity to move interstate for work, for family or for love…take a leap of faith, it may just become your new home too.

It’s funny how sometimes things just work out…I mean who knew that the kids getting boogie boards for Christmas would be such a useful gift.

Happy New Year to everyone, I hope you all had a magical Christmas and wish you all the very best for 2013.

Happy New Year from our family to yours