October 2012

What a FANTASTIC morning! | Cleveland Photographer

This morning I had the pleasure of photograghing Master Levi for his 12 month photo session…what a delight he was.

1yr old sessions are a 50/50 deal…you either have a very co-operative bright and bubbly toddler or a child that has no intrest in having their photo taken, even if you bribe them. This morning I am pleased to say was option 1, Levi was such a pleasure to photograph, showing me all his toys and sitting where I needed him to sit. We had a full 45min of shooting time which was fantastic considering how hot it was this morning. Mum was relaxed and helpful which always makes my job easier, your never going to get those great shots if Mum or Dad is jumping around in the background stressed because their child isn’t smiling. This families home was a photographers dream, props, quotes, colour…I couldn’t have asked for a more smoothly run photo session.

A very Happy 1st Birthday to you little man, I hope you have a SPECTACULAR day!

Back into the swing of things | Cleveland Photographer

4 months ago we packed up our house, said goodbye to our friends and family in Canberra and moved to Brisbane. What an adventure it has been so far!

We are now settled in a lovely area called ‘The Redlands’ and have already made lots of new friends. It’s very different to our life in Canberra, the beach is a short drive from our house for starters but there are other things too. People in QLD get up early…very early! In Summer the sun rises at 4.45am, this is unheard of south of the border especially as we are so used to daylight savings. Early sunrise means early risers; people are shopping and going to markets at 7am in the morning…something that is definitely going to take a bit of getting used.

The atmosphere is different here too, people generally go a lot slower than back home. In Canberra everyone is in a rush all of the time, here people are a lot …calmer, less stressed and more laid back. Friends often get together on a weekly basis for dinner, movies and drinks. The kids play outside a lot more, riding bikes and climbing trees because the weather is warm all year round.

Of course it hasn’t all been positive, change is change and sometimes it takes a bit of getting used to…We are currently still looking for a decent Chinese restaurant.