Sun Kissed Glow | Brisbane Photographer

A few weeks ago I met a beautiful couple, Samantha and Matt, who are in the last few weeks of pregnancy with their first child. Together, we organised a combination shoot of both natural light and studio style shots. The weather wasn’t particularly nice to us on the day of the shoot, so we decided to leave the outside ones till last to see if the rain cleared up.

Late afternoon arrived and low and behold… it was clear this storm was going to stick around for a while. With daylight hours fading fast we made a split decision to head out and see if we could outdrive the front of the storm…and that we did!

Timed perfectly, we parked the car and ran out into a wide open field…only to find that it was occupied by a very hungry horse expecting to get a feed. Just as we thought our luck had gone from bad to worse…the sun came. The clouds parted allowing the sunset to beam down in all it’s glory with just enough time to get some really beautiful, natural photos. Together, with that pregnancy glow that expectant mothers have (although often don’t feel like they do) it was a match made in heaven.

Thank you, for one of the most exciting and funny photo shoots I have ever done! I wish you both all the best on the safe arrival of your baby and hope that he brings you endless amounts of joy and happiness.