December 2011

Summer Sundays

I love Canberra on early Sunday mornings, the light is beautiful for photographing and the city is relatively quiet and still. You have to trade in your Sunday sleep in to appreciate it but I think it’s worth it. Last week on a morning just like this I met the McMahon family for a photo session, what a fantastic morning we had. Things started off slowly as the younger children were a bit shy but 30mins in they were having fun, personalities started to shine and I was getting some fantastic shots. Even though we had one very determined not to smile little guy, I always have some tricks up my sleeve.

TIP: never ask a child to say “Cheese” because that is the exact sort of smile you will get from them…a cheesy one.   Alternatively, get them to look at you then say “Ok, I’m going to take a photo…but don’t you smile” they try so hard not to smile that 9/10 you will get a genuine giggle.

Pre-Formal event with style

Formal season is officially over for our Canberra schools and if you’re going to go out with a bang, this party was the way to do it.

Think glitz, think glamour, then top it all off with a cocktail party and a stretch hummer. The girls looked gorgeous, the boys looked dashing and everyone had a magical evening that will be remembered for many years to come. I was so grateful to be asked to photograph this event it’s such a special occasion in a young person’s life and it brought back plenty of memories of me at my own formal….so many years ago.